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The twin Ibeyis or Orishas:

They are the lesser Orishas, ​​protectors of all children, playful, mischievous and sweet.

They live on the heights of the palms.

They are the darlings of all the other Orishas.

They are twins: male and female.

They are known by different names such as Taewó and Kaindé, Araba and Aína, Ayaba and Aíba, Olorí and Oroina, Alawa Kuario and Eddún, Aden, Alabba, Ibbó and Igué, Oraún, Ono Nibeyi and Idobe, Olón, Itaguo and Idoú, etc. ...

 Its name comes from the Yorùbá Ibèyí


They saved the men with the magic drums that Yemayá gave them, defeating Olosí. They also saved Obbatalá in Dahomey.


Names: Ibeyis

Number: 2 and its multiples

Colors: Red - White and Blue - White.

Syncretism: San Cosme and San Damiano

Children of Shangó and Oshún raised by Yemayá.


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As shown
Vinyl - Black
Doll dress
Turban with ornaments / Ribbon tied at the waist
It includes
Shirt and Pants
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Dolls and their care

Indications to be taken into account when caring for and handling your doll

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Care in the article

Indications in the care of the article (porcelain, wood, glass, plastics, pens ... etc)

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Make your Guardian Doll

Make your Guardian Doll, Spiritual Eggun of Santeria, Gypsies, Zingaras, Oshun, Yemayá, Obbatalá, Obba, Oyá, Seven Rays, Zarabanda, Shangó, Eleggua...

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