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Style Evolution
Colección Spanish gypsy guardian dolls
Pattern Eggún
Color Red - White
Compositions Vinilo
Particularity For loading or amulets, turn the head slightly by pulling upwards with care.
Other details Upper load
Height 50
Width 15
Depth 10
Includes Doll skirt
It includes Blouse or shirt for dolls
Includes Shawl
Includes Other object
Includes Knickers or Panties
Standard Category Does not include shawl or stole, earrings, or shoes
Plus Category + Shawl, Necklace shown or similar * If it is Zingara: Headscarf coin.
Premium category + Stole or Shawl, Necklace, Earrings . * If it is Zingara: Headscarf. Coins / Gypsy: Hair comb
Note of interest In case the article you are looking for is not within the ones presented in the store, we remind you that it can be made in a personalized way; So we recommend you contact
To consider If you have chosen a product in stock condition upon request: The elaboration of your article will be done under personalization ( 10 - 15 working days) and for tureens, ikofa, lebrillos and potishes (20 working days)
Normativa y resultados en reproducción de piezas bajo pedido It is emphasized: The results of pieces reproduced by hand (compared with a sold piece), are not exactly the same for being a reproduction made by hand, collecting in its confection the details similar to the original or demanded design.

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He falls in love with his eyes and says that the one who looks intensely is enchanted in his heart.

They say that some Gypsies predict the future of a child by the moles of their body and how these moles are birthmarks is very important not only their position but their form as well.

The handkerchief is a protective element, that is why it is commonly seen with this in the head; to preserve the good ideas, dreams and projects of who takes them.


The price of the dolls depends on the size (50-55cm / 45cm / 30cm / 20cm), type of costume, finishes and accessories, which of course you can customize.

The wrists are articulated with more than 10 movements, being able to sit just like a person, without being rigid and even standing.

They measure from 50 to 54 cm high.

It will be supplemented to the price the additions in concept: painting by hand, fans, crowns, castanets, tambourines, crystals additives in fabrics, extra turbans, necklaces, bracelets, supplements of beads in general, etc. ...)

* See section of complements.


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