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In case of reproduction of our pieces:

  It is emphasized that the results of pieces reproduced by hand (compared to an original piece sold), are not exactly the same, as it is a reproduction made by hand and handmade. Understanding that in the reproduction of a piece ordered under personalization, its preparation will collect the details similar to the original or demanded design. Not exactly the same as the first piece.

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Intellectual and industrial property holds all rights to the content, design and source code of this website and, especially, with an enunciative character, about the photographs, images, texts, logos, designs, commercial names, data included in the Web

Most of our articles are personalized, so a special industrial and intellectual manufacture must be set in motion.

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Certain items are subject to stock availability. In case the requested item is not available in our warehouse, we will notify you by email. Delivery times on personalized articles will be 15 to 25 days, under pay and 50% sign. Always check delivery times and special conditions for these orders.