BAMBORINA IS A COMPANY DEDICATED TO THE GENERAL MANUFACTURING OF UNIQUE CRAFTED PARTS, CUSTOMIZING UP TO THE MOST MINIMUM OF THE DETAILS, BECAUSE OUR MAXIMUM OBJECTIVE IS THE SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS, ALWAYS WAITING FOR YOUR PRODUCT TO MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. is an online esoteric shop that defends the concept of personal fulfillment in a wide range of articles, immersing itself in the new trends of the chrome and Cristalotherapy in fashion and complements

Signature made in Spain as a registered trademark, designed with the new concept of handmade designs.
Promote custom design and custom-made models from your idea or through our help to create an exclusive piece for you, which you can take with you for your special days or significant events; Because each creation will make you feel different and exquisite / or so that you always go ahead
We have experience in design, manufacture and manufacture of handcrafted items, using all those manual and mechanical elements to achieve models and styles of taste and custom, always personalized and taking care of every detail

We offer the making of necklaces, bracelets, iddé, eleke and garments in various costumes and jewelry within the luxury, as well as the making of private changing rooms and for VIP cases we do in particular show Room.
We make dolls of collection, private-personalized, communion, spiritual (virgin), eggun and even for shop windows, shops or various businesses and also make their costumes in a handmade way.

From Bamborina we break a spear in favor of extrapolating to the clothing the benefits that can bring the color therapy in clothes and make you feel that life is colorful, where you can wear our costumes by instituting fashion "ITANKALE" evolutionary fashion.

We invite you to see more about our products and services because we will not stop to surprise you in our site:
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Do not hesitate to contact us to offer a more personalized attention and help you achieve an image that meets your expectations, because for us, you are the most important.

We know that everything done with love is a work of art and we believe that every reality is undermined by desires, because creation is part and expression of intelligence, therefore:

You just have to desire it and we will make your dreams come true!