First, they made known all the revelations received through this ritual; highlighting that the Orisha that will rule will be Obatalá. Let us remember that this orisha is known as the creator of the world, noted for imposing balance, peace and justice.

Likewise, the Letter of the Year read in Cuba indicates that together with Obatalá, Oshún appears as a companion during this year 2023. In this sense, they underlined the main attributes of this orisha, among which wealth, fertility, femininity and purity stand out. beauty.

While, the ruling sign is Otura Niko; which has Oshe Turá and Ogbe Ate as witnesses.

Next, we offer you the complete content of the revelations obtained in the reading of the Letter of the Year in Cuba for 2023. Likewise, it is a content extracted from the official publications of the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, through its social networks .

To the priests of Ifá, Obá Oriate, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, Iworo, to the People in general and to whom it may concern:

• Ruling Sign: Otura Niko

• First Witness: Oshe Turá

• Second Witness: Ogbe Ate

• Prophetic Prayer: Osogbo iku intori elegda orunmila onire (Death or termination of duties due to disobedience defends Orula)

• Onishesi Elegda: Ogborí Elegda (Pray for the head)

• Ruling Divinity: Obatalá

• Companion: Oshun

• Flag: white with yellow borders

• Ebbo Ni Ifa: a rooster, size of the head, drum, snare, arrow, plenty of brandy, honey, white cloth, stone from a hill, river water, corner land, all kinds of food, curujey, quite small

• Ebbo de Santeros: osadie, colored strips, body measurements, earth from a hole


Finally, the reading of the Letter of the Year 2023 offers the believers in Cuba the following recommendations:

 First, perform paraldos to ward off disturbing entities and pay attention to the ancestors with sacrifices. It is an Ifá of extensions and it is recommended not to delay pending religious works and consecrations.

 Retake preventive health measures in the country as a priority to limit the proliferation of contagious diseases.

 Alert the competent authorities regarding the excessive use of biochemicals in food, fruits, sausages and food in general due to its harmful consequences for health.

 Need for a change in mentality that facilitates development for socioeconomic perspectives.

 In addition, legally promote internal economic possibilities in new agro-industrial production.

 Natural disasters are forecast due to hurricanes, sea turmoil and river floods with economic and human losses.

 Concern about the aging trend of the population, being left without the support of the youth due to their exodus and decrease in the birth rate.

 An alert is made about the education of children and youth, notifying the exodus of teachers to other occupations.

 Also, an increase in criminal, violent and robbery activities is expected, so it is recommended to take precautions with individual and state properties.

 Likewise, an increase in alcohol consumption is forecast in the population, which generates social problems, so the damage associated with it should be more publicized.

 Likewise, Ifá recommends increasing educational work against domestic violence and respect for women, children and the elderly.

 Promote the union of religious regardless of the religion they profess.

 Ifá emphasizes strengthening the relationship between Godfather and Godson, between Father and Son.