What is the Letter of the Year for Santeria in Cuba?

They are the revelations and predictions as a result of the consultation in the Oracle of Ifá, with the aim of publicizing the future of a country, region or family group for a year.

These predictions are obtained through a ritual carried out every year, in which said ceremony, the priests of the Osha consult the Oracle, to receive the predictions that are later communicated to the religious with the highest hierarchy in Santeria and are later announced in the sanctum community

In carrying out the ritual, within the revelations that have arisen are the most important events that will occur in that year. Also, guidelines and recommendations for the community are offered on how to deal with upcoming difficulties, so that they can be prepared.

In the first place, all the revelations received through this ritual are made known; highlighting the Orisha that will govern and the Orisha that will accompany during that year.

The main attributes of these Orishas and the ruling signs and their witnesses are underlined.

Every good santero knows well that, to start the year, one of the first things he should know is the reading of the Letter of the Year.

This traditional ritual of Cuban Santeria remains rooted in the culture of most of the West Indians, being an ancient custom for Cubans; however, it is unknown exactly since when it is performed.

Theologians and historians have tried to inquire about the history of the Letter of the Year in Cuba and have determined that its beginnings date from the year 1900; since, apparently around that time, several babalaos of great importance in Cuba met every year end, with the intention of preparing for the arrival of next year. In this way, after consulting the Oracle of Ifá, they obtained information about the events that could occur in the rising year.

Since then it is customary that, through this divination ritual, Santeria practitioners receive instructions to live the new year, preserving this tradition to which they have great respect and follow with devotion.

Today and in order to inform all those who show interest in this, the full and final content of the Letter of the Year is available to the public on social networks, at the end of each year.