The spiritual dolls are guardian dolls and representations of an Eggun, which has been determined through a spiritual mass and described its physical characteristics, gestures, as well as the appropriate clothing according to the description given in the research mass or in our visualizations; although from time to time they are revealed in our dreams.

Eggun means spirit! And there are different types of Eggun (spirits)

We all have a spiritual picture that accompanies us throughout life, and may sometimes vary.

Within a spiritual framework, the Egguns accompany people in our physical world or dimension, primarily highlighting our Spiritual Guide.

The dolls represent a specific Eggun on the physical plane, being able to be a family member, friend, etc... who has already transcended to the astral world and contribute to our spiritual development.

It should be noted that spiritual dolls are guardian dolls and do not replace any Deity or Saint, for example: Obbatalá, Oshun, Yemayá, Obba, Oyá, etc... That there are often dolls that do correspond to the spiritual picture of a Deity as a current or slope of that saint, useful as a spiritual channel for the person to whom it is indicated in a research mass.

The way to place or position your doll / o, should be as it has been made known to us by our Eggun: Sitting, standing, in an appropriate place, in the spiritual vault, etc ...

What is a load?

The loads on a doll/or are protections inserted inside it and should not be revealed since they are based on secrecy, with the purpose of turning your doll/or into a custody amulet, a talisman of luck, of spiritual development, economic, etc...

Sometimes, the spiritual dolls are bathed with a liquid compound made from healing herbs called Omiero, also known as medicinal water or spiritual water.

Guardian Dolls are often ritualized through a ceremony, performed by knowledgeable and knowledgeable people.

A Guardian Doll can also be of an esoteric nature without any type of ceremony, charge, or ritual; being only of spiritual significance and represented here on the earthly and physical plane of an Eggun.

Therefore! The choice of your Spiritual Doll must be accompanied by patience, knowledge and intuition; being as important as the election, the subsequent care of it.

  Remember! Which is his amulet, his protection and above all his Eggun represented on Earth.