Yoruba Cultural Association Cuba /2022

Obbatalá with Oshanla'

Respect Obbatalá as a deity of high Hierarchy. Holy Major. Let us not forget that he gave us the head when humanity was lost and with the head detached from the body.


Well of Health on the plane of the earth firmly at the foot of Oduduwa, although he speaks of a lot of death due to unconsciousness and loss of pregnancy and mothers.


• Modesty

• I respect

• Reverence

• Pour water at the door and thank God and Mother Earth every day.

• Put Snails to scare away death on necklaces, on crowns.

• Wear white and green to ward off death.

• Place Crowns on births, on deities.

• Give clothes to the poor And change our skin by putting on new clothes.

• You observe more and listen and talk less.

• Be spiritual by connecting consciousness, body and soul with the universe through our

• behavior and elevation of consciousness, to align ourselves with the universe, to obtain ashe' (luck)

• We should not go out on the streets the first 16 days of the year without meaning and for pleasure, because on these days heads will be lost.

• According to IFA the heads are detached from the body (This refers to the fact that an act of unconsciousness will bring consequences of loss)

• Avoid arguments and problems,

• It tells us that we must be more empathetic, more compromising and treat our family members, our neighbors, all people and in question all living beings better.

• It tells us that we must treat all those living beings around us better... not only people without looking at their conditions, but we also have to be respectful of animals and plants.

• This Oddun calls us to chapter and alerts us that we must communicate more and that we must interact more with everything.

• We must act with education and understanding

• Take care of our lungs and respiratory tracts in an important way.

• It tells us that competition does not exist: it tells us about being perseverant, careful, organized and doing things well, in order to achieve earthly and spiritual good.

• Take care of your blood vessels and blood pressure before making any decision: a medical prescription is recommended


1. In this Oddun, tranquility is achieved through the correct use of the bone head of the brain.

2. In this Oddun we were given the revelation of how to correctly use the brain, the mind, the thought, the word from the good verb, and a good attitude, because many think about how to change the world and others, but no one thinks about how to change oneself, that is why we are asked to awaken our Consciousness, respect, tolerance, empathy, honesty, kindness and care in general for everything and everyone.

3. This divinatory Oddun calls us to solve things through conversation and not through shouting or discussions that could be the cause of problems or greater evils.

4. Talk about how elders should respect minors to set an example.

5. Respect our partners, families, parents and children, because whoever loves you well will make you cry.

6. He even talks about self-respect. To love oneself more, to be respected or to give oneself respect and to have more dignity for oneself and therefore all toxic relationships must be ended for our own improvement and personal luck.

Get rid of toxic attachments, be they false friends, partners, siblings, even family... etc., since when we get rid of these toxic beings, we will achieve our spiritual freedom and our Ashé

7. We must awaken consciousness, opening our eyes and giving importance to that which is not visible, but which is the source of formation energy for the visible: spirituality, love, creation, honesty, fidelity, loyalty, friendship, respect, faith … etc.

8. In this Oddun it is said that there are people who want to take someone else's position, people who are manipulative or manipulated to get the position.

9. He speaks and warns us not to get into other people's problems, that what we should do is solve our own problems.

10. This Oddun speaks of many natural phenomena: tremors, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, phenomena in water and the appearance of fish on the shores of the sea. It is not recommended to take boats.

11. In this Oddun we talk about the sudden and strong change of government, regulations, politics and politics.

12. Talk about invasion of states

13. Coup d'état with sudden political changes.

14. Change of a senior political member, which could be due to health or a coup d'état.

15. We are recommended not to sacrifice animals for pleasure and without asking first or asking for permission.

16. Talk about unmasking dishonest people or schemes.

17. He recommends us to plan things patiently